There’re so many selections of makeup brushes on market today. Before we talk about the difference between natural and vegan brushes, here’re some questions for you to think about.

What material of brushes did you use now, animal hair or synthetic hair?

Have you once had a question about natural and vegan makeup brushes?

What would you do if you realize you’re an animal killer?


Natural makeup brushes are normally made from pony, goat, squirrel, sable, or weasel hair. Each different hair has different feeling and makeup performance.

The natural hair is very soft that it’s perfect to suitable for eyeshadow brush, powder brush to blush or contour etc. It’s more expensive and difficult to take care of.


The development of vegan brush comes from Germany, they are made from synthetic fiber, nylon is the most common.

The vegan hair is a bit harder than the natural ones, but it doesn’t mean the quality of vegan brush is worse. It’s cheaper and 100% skin-friendly than the natural brush. It’s very popular among the makeup artists.

Natural vs. Vegan

Here’s a brief comparison chart between animal hair makeup brush and the vegan one.

natural makeup brush vs vegan makeup brush

Why choose vegan makeup brush?

⭐ Animal Cruelty Free

Simply it is the safest choice if you are vegan or concerned about animal welfare.

⭐ Affordability

Synthetic makeup brushes are generally a more affordable option.

⭐ Easy Cleaning

Vegan makeup brushes are much simpler to clean ensuring minimal bacteria build up and skin reactions. Also, synthetic fibers dry faster than natural fibers.

⭐ Allergy Free

Many people are sensitive to animal hair and can often react to natural brushes, while synthetic brushes are 100% skin friendly.

How to clean natural and vegan makeup brushes?

Natural Makeup Brush

Using shampoo or specific brush detergent to wash the natural makeup brushes. Remember to use hair conditioner to take care of it. Do not clean the natural brushes oftern, it’s better clean it once a month.

Using shampoo or facial cleanser to clean it well. The synthetic bristle can be washed often. Read more 5 steps to well wash makeup brushes

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