Makeup Tips for Beginners: How to make a natural and flawless base makeup?

When making up, beginners often face a variety of makeup problems, such as serious creasing, cakey, unsuitable makeup, or ball up caused by too much makeup. These problems are concerned with base makeup.

How to have flawless foundation makeup? Here we will introduce the makeup steps for you.

Cleaning & Moisturizing

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Before making up, clean your face well. We suggest you use a mild amino acid facial cleanser, which can effectively clean the skin, with no hurt to the skin.

After cleaning work, moisturizing is extremely important. Dry skin will easily cause cakey, creasing, or ball up. Using hydrating & nourishing primer does help a lot. It can smooth your skin and cover pores before makeup, which improves the consistency and durability of the foundation.

crush beauty - moisturizing

UV Primer

In addition to doing a good job of moisturizing, it is best to give the skin a layer of protection before applying foundation. UV primer or sunscreen is a must as well.

crush beauty - uv primer


To create a flawless base makeup, the foundation is not enough. That’s why we need concealer. The concealer is placed before the foundation because it smooths the skin by making the makeup more durable. Choose different concealer products for different parts of your eye: Where your skin is thinner, choose a weightless concealer, such as around your eyes, to protect your sensitive skin. Other places can choose a cream-like concealer to make it more powerful.

The most common areas of concealer for girls are dark circles and nose wings. When applying a concealer, you can use a point pressure method in the dark circles of the eye, do not make too much force. The concealer on both sides of the nose wing should have a focus: if the sides of the nose wing need to be concealed, first accurately select the area to cover, and then apply concealer, gently push away with the fingertip.

crush beauty - concealer


Foundation is the most important part of base makeup. So before application, choose the appropriate shade of foundation to do a skin match.

This is a very important step to be sure that our foundation matches, but most people are still matching their foundation to their face. It should match your neck and your chest, so confirm the tone and the shade are good to blend perfectly, whether you want to go lighter or darker, to blend with your neck and chest. When wearing foundation, you can use the foundation brush and beauty blender to make it well.

crush beauty - apply foundation

Loose Setting Powder

The loose powder could absorb excess facial oil and reduces facial oil, which can adjust the skin tone completely and keep the makeup from separating. It can make the makeup more durable, smooth, and fine.

crush beauty - apply loose setting powder

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