Before applying eyeshadow, first make sure you always apply your eyeshadows to a smooth surface because when you apply them to a very textured bumpy road,‌‌ it doesn’t flow smoothly. Applied a moisturizer and let it seep into your skin for about 20-30 minutes.‌‌

Eyeshadow Primer

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The things that get asked all the time are how to make your eyeshadow last or how to get the colors to look so vibrant and the No.1 thing is an eyeshadow primer (recommended MAC, NYX).

It covers up any discoloration on the eyes. Having a primer is extremely open.‌‌ Because it’s gonna make your eyeshadow‌‌ look the best that it possibly can. But it’s really important not to apply too much.

eye primer application

But go over that primer and set it in place and just pack it in, you don’t want to do any like swiping around, but just push the product in on top of that primer. And the reason why you want to do this is so that when you go in with any other products, it’s not gonna be what underneath if you didn’t set this with a powder, it would pick up really pigmented where you first placed the eye shadow and then not as pigmented where you blundered it out,‌‌ you go over with the powder first,‌‌ then it’s gonna make the other eyeshadow slip right over it evenly, but still have that longevity from the primer underneath.

Transition Shade

We’re just gonna be going for a basic to look at first, and we’ll be gradually building it up. If you want to do something basic and not dramatic, then you don’t have to do the dramatic steps. But if you want something dramatic, you still have to do the basics.‌‌ The thing that does after setting your eye primer is to go in with transition shade.‌‌ A transition shade usually goes in the middle crease part of the eye.

Not always, but basically that transition shade is just going to help you blend out your other eyeshadow colors.‌‌ The reason why do this first is that it creates a base‌‌ and anytime that you create dimension in the eyes or on the face if you go in with that transition color first,‌‌ it helps that it looks more‌‌ seamless, more blended, and more natural-looking. If you do the transition shade after doing the other colors, you end up messing up the other colors, too. And it becomes really hard and complicated. You can do it that way if you like.

If you have a deeper‌‌ skin tone go in with something a little‌‌ a bit deeper and‌‌ you are later you can go‌‌ a little bit lighter‌‌ to brush.

transition shade


So next, you can feel where that brow bone is you want to go right underneath the‌‌ brow bone. Don’t go in with more products and then once the majority of the product is off your brush, it’s not worth adding any more color,‌‌ you can go a little higher and kind of‌‌ farther out that product a little bit more.‌‌ The other really helpful thing is to pretend that you are approaching your eye from above.‌‌

Coming from‌ the north and‌ bringing your brush‌‌ downwards. If you bring your brush coming up‌‌ from the south and blend it, then you’re gonna get a really harsh line right here. It’s gonna end up‌‌ being really messy,‌‌ really hard to blend out. So if you bring your arm and wrap it around and bring this coming from above and face it downwards, it’s going to be so much easier to blend out. That’s one thing that highly recommends when you are applying‌‌ eyeshadows just use it a little bit at a time and slowly work upwards to a deeper color.

Make sure that each step is fully blended out. Don’t think to yourself you’ll blend that out later because it’s gonna be harder if you wait to do it right now.

flawless makeup,makeup tips,makeup beginners,how to makeup
flawless makeup,makeup tips,makeup beginners,how to makeup


If you add more products it might get messy too far up. If you have it where you tend to bring your eyeshadow up too high and end up getting really dark what you can do is go with a face powder or an eyeshadow that is exactly the same color as your skin and bring it down over where that eyeshadow went up too high.

Let’s get started with great makeup brushes 💕

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