Foundation is like spanx for your face.

The most important thing of makeup is base makeup, and the foundation is the key step. The foundation can work hard or easy and it really works to make a woman look good-looking, but once you open the eyes, it is not that easy to look natural. It takes a while to work with the foundation.

Many makeup artists like to use a foundation brush, which is a very common helpful makeup tool. It helps soften and smooth your makeup by applying it to your skin. So what’s the difference between different types of foundation brushes? How should the foundation brushes be used?

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Cruelty-free foundation brushes are 100% skin-friendly and much simpler to clean ensuring minimal bacteria build-up and skin reactions.

Types of Foundation Brushes

Depending on the different shapes of bristle, the foundation brush is roughly divided into four main types: tapered, round, flat & kabuki.

Tapered foundation brushes are usually flat, thin in form, with a gentle taper. This type is best for liquid foundation and other liquid products.

Tips: Touch the skin with about one-half to one-third of the front section of the bristle, spread the foundation, or stack the foundation with a sliding push.

Flat foundation brushes are suitable for liquid foundation and foundation cream products. They have a large contact area with the face for easy application.

Tips: Carrying on in the way of drawing a circle to create a flawless, polished finish.

Round-shaped foundation brush is short and shaped like a dome so that you can apply liquid foundation with the full coverage of the bristle and create an airbrushed finish. It don’t cake up inside the brush.

Tips: Please refer to the application of a flat foundation brush.

Flat-top Kabuki Foundation brushes are super popular in recent years. With firm, soft, and full bristles, it could be quickly & easily apply liquid and creamy foundation products and distribute evenly onto your skin to get a smooth finish. Also perfect for the application of bronzer, powder, or highlighter.

Tips: Apply the foundation products in small, start at the center of your face and blend the foundation outward in smooth.

It’s worth mentioning that the oval foundation brush is a new fav. and popular on Instagram. The brush style looks like a toothbrush, which is more comfortable to hold. The compact bristles help create an airbrushed finish, it’s very beginner-friendly.

Tips: Apply the foundation products in small, start at the center of your face and blend the foundation outward in smooth.

crush beauty oval foundation brush application tips

The right types of makeup brushes and knowing how to use them properly can elevate your beauty game. Find your proper vegan brushes.

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