There’s no denying that under-eye bags are a universal beauty problem that everyone experiences at some point. Although puffiness can certainly be caused by lack of sleep, it can also be genetic, which means that no amount of eye creams or jade rolling will allow the problem to be resolved. However, makeup can perform a little magic.

We need to bear in mind that we’re not going to eradicate them completely. What we are trying to do is draw attention away from them. We’re trying to fill out the shadows under our eyes.

Eye Bags & Dark Circles

So if we dip our heads down, we can really see the malar bags quite apparent. What we need to do is to highlight the shadow area. If we hight light this shadow, it’s going to flatten it out considerably. We’re gonna make it stand out even more. So we have to stay within the guidelines of the actual issue.


NYX concealer

Choose the right shade of your concealer, make sure the concealer is only one or two shades lighter than your skin – otherwise, it will be noticeable against your skin’s natural tone.

First, start with a concealer and our goal here is to hit the actual shadow of the eye bag.

It just flattens out the darkness under the bag, which is what you’re trying to achieve. We need to apply the concealer right to the shadows and bring out the darkness. The goal is to reduce the darkness, just hitting the actual shadow as best as we can. Don’t go too far out, then it’s gonna create another problem!

Remember, we’re not going to completely eradicate them, but we will flatten the curve.

Right Way to Hide The Shadow

After applying the concealer with a brush, we just kind of blend with our finger a little bit to see how that just kind of flattens out. Technically speaking, it’s a very easy process. However, it can be time-consuming, laborious and of course, disheartening to be dealing with. We just try to flatten the curve so that it appears smoother or more even color that makes sense.

Now the concealer does have to be lighter than our skin tone because it’s we’re trying to bring out the shadow. So it does have to be lighter, but don’t go white or anything like that. If the shadow is still apparent, just attach a little more concealer and then press it with your finger.

Pick your favorite cosmetics and makeup brushes to have a try now!

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