Should I clean my new makeup brushes before use?

Yes, you need to clean the makeup brush before using it in the first time. It’s important to keep the brush hygiene.

How often should I wash make up brushes?

It depends on the usage of brushes. Like foundation brush, as it encounters a lot of liquid or dry cosmetic products, it’s better to wash once or twice a week. Powder brush can be the same. Eye makeup and concealer brushes could be cleaned bi-weekly. For others, you can wash them once a month.

How often should I replace make-up brushes?

In fact, this depends on how often you use brushes, and the brush material & quality. Overall, I would have to say that when your brushes no longer return to their original shape after a cleansing. That’s the time to replace a new one.

What is the best beginner makeup brush set?

The MOST basic brushes for a beginner depends on the person. I think foundation brush, concealer brush, eyeshadow brush, and blush brush are essential.

What are the quickest and best way to clean makeup brushes?

Brushes encounter dry cosmetics can do dry wash, like powder brush, blush and eye makeup brushes. You can also use brush cleanser for help.

Is it neccessary to wash my makeup brush after each use for good hygiene?

The cleaner the better. But it is not necessary to clean them after every use. You can make a quick dry wash for powder applied brushes.

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