Figuring out what shall not do could be a good way to settle what shall do. So today we’d like to speak about some mistakes that we’ve all probably made, and also some dos, and don’ts starting with the foremost important.

Do – Moisturize before Applying Any Makeup

Firstly, it is to use a moisturizer. So not everyone needs a primer. But obviously, you shall use something to your skin to apply the make-up. It’s the most important step that you simply can do.

CRUSH BEAUTY- Apply Moisturizer

Don’t – Apply A Foundation That Doesn’t Blend with Neck

Next up we wear the foundation. This is a very important step to be sure that our foundation matches, but most of people are still matching their foundation to their face. It should match your neck and your chest, so confirm the tone and the shade are good to blend perfectly, whether you want to go lighter or darker, to blend with your neck and chest.

If you’re struggling to seek out the proper foundation, you could get dropped so you can add it in that will lighten or darken the foundation, depending on your need.

Don’t – Over Load The Skin, Instead Build Up Coverage Slow

The next don’t is don’t overload the skin, be sure to start with a very small amount and build it up to thin layers of the foundation are better than a thick one. So bear that in mind when you’re applying foundation, remember to avoid over-applying, and so apply it slowly build up the coverage as you go.

Using Concealer

Don’t – Use A Concealer That’s Too Light

And next don’t is don’t go too light with your concealer. There actually won’t hide anything whatsoever. You shall opt for the close tone or maybe slightly darker when you’re hiding a blemish or any uneven skin tone. The only time we use a lighter shade is that if your brightening or drawing more attention to a specific area, like when you’re highlighting the skin instead.

Do – Set Foundation & Concealer

The next do is to set your makeup properly. This may help your make-up last longer, and you will stop it from creasing up in certain areas, like smile lines, and underneath the eyes. Whether you use powder product or a setting spray is very important to set it in place.

Make your own way on brows

For brows, we don’t want to teach you what shouldn’t and should do along with your brows because they’re pretty personal. It’s one thing that just never wants to interfere with, but just please be sure you follow the rule that your arch is the highest point of your brow.

Not that intersection, not the outer section, but your arch even it’s just a hair higher, will make such a difference to your entire face and over highlighting your brows. It can bring you a polished finish when done correctly, but otherwise, you’re just drawing attention to something on your face.


Don’t – Create Really Harsh Contour Lines

Contouring is still a trend, but this new trend of getting sharp contour lines by using flat objects can work for a few persons and not work for all, particularly if you’re going too dark to start with and using the improper shaped brush.

Also blending it down too far is another thing that people are setting out to do and what this does is throw off the proportions of your face. What you’re better off doing is using a brush that you have more control over and slowly building the color up as you go along. One big mistake that we always used to make was contouring the entire side of the nose. All this may draw more attention to your nose and make it bigger. So you’re better off contouring just on the bridge, but make sure you blend it.

Don’t – Over Highlight with The Wrong Shade

The highlighter is another trend sticking around for a bit longer. If you want to start using a highlighter, make sure that in the right shade and tone to figure along with your natural undertone and your shade range on both sides of the face. It’s really important to settle on the right one.

Highlight Makeup

Do – Apply A Base to The Eyelid

The most important thing for eye makeup is to make a base. If you don’t apply a base, the eyeshadow’s gonna go really patchy. It’s not going to blend for you and it’s going to hold on to certain areas, just like it has done here. So apply a primer or a basis start with.

Don’t – Blend Eyeshadow Out Too Far

Another big don’t is don’t find your eyeshadows out too far, use the corner of your nose corner of your eye on the corner of your brow as a guide and keep your eye shadows within this area. If you blend it out too far, you’re going to mess with the proportions on your face and provide it a really uneven polished finish.

Don’t – Pay Attention on The Lower Lashes Only

The Next don’t is don’t pay attention on just the lower lashes. The upper lashes should be thicker and fuller than the bottom ones.

Do – Pick Either Lips or Cheeks When Using Bold Shades

To add balance to the eyes, the final thing that does in any makeup look is to select the cheek and lip options. If you’d like to go bold on lips, you go muted down the cheeks. Vice versa. You don’t want to go bold on both because you’ll kinda find yourself looking like a clown, so choose a muted lip if you’re going for a bold cheek or the other way around, or choose both being muted because you can get away with that.

Those are just some of the makeup mistakes we will all make. Hope everyone is enjoying your makeup!

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